Facebook Changes in 2017 that Every Marketer Needs to Look Out For

Facebook is definitely the biggest social media platform out there and one every small business should be using. Facebook has stays relevant by changing their algorithms to make sure the platform evolves, grows, and keeps up with changes in user demands and expectations.

In 2016, there were some notable changes:

  • Instant Articles (content marketing) – This feature allowed Facebook app users to read content faster without having to leave the app. Instant articles ensured publishers got more readers without losing traffic.
  • Facebook Live (live video marketing) – Since is it was launched in April 2016, Facebook Live has taken off! Learning how to use and leverage live video has proven to be beneficial for all types of businesses.
  • Facebook Workplace – Launched in October 2016, this paid tool allows businesses and organizations a space to communicate with people within their organization. It takes the format of Facebook and creates feeds and information for intra-organizational communication. It is being embraced by large companies, along with schools and not-for-profits, which can access the tool free of charge. The need for this service for most small businesses, however, is still limited.

So what should you expect in 2017?

  1. Facebook Marketplace – Facebook is working on ecommerce expansion by providing its users with a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, with the introduction of Facebook Marketplace. Through Facebook Marketplace, users will be able to buy and sell goods from fellow Facebook users in their local area.
  2. Improved Facebook pages – This Facebook change will enable users to send messages, request quotes, make orders, and even purchase your products – all on your Facebook business page.
  3. Mid-roll ads in videos – Although this has not been officially confirmed, there has been a lot of speculation that Facebook will be introducing mid-roll ads on videos. (Mid-roll ads are ads that play in the middle of a video.) Since Facebook does not allow pre-video adverts, it will probably insert the ad clip after the publisher’s video has played for some time. We will just have to wait until this service is launched to know of sure!
  4. Live Audio – Just like Facebook Live, users will have the option to record live audio and broadcast voice recordings of themselves, which will appear on news feeds so other users can listen to the recordings. This will be popular with people who love podcasts. The business application for this feature will add another layer to the platform. Expect to see posts like “Guess That Sound”.
  5. Facebook Workplace – This is a safe and dedicated platform for companies and businesses to connect, communicate, and work together. This is purely for businesses, companies, and other organizations. This platform began in late 2016 and will continue to grow and change throughout 2017.
  6. Improved Instant Articles – Because more and more publishers have taken to instant articles, in 2017, we will be guaranteed to see improvements. One that has already been implemented in 2017 is combining multiple instant articles in one post. The articles don’t have to be related topics. Facebook users can easily swipe from one article to another – and comment, like, or share!
  7. Facebook Journalism Project – Launched in January 2017, the Facebook Journalism Project was created with the goal of improving the quality of online news, with the help of journalists and publishers. The Facebook Journalism Project works to ensure that Facebook is not used to spread false or misleading news or spam. So-called “fake news” is a problem that has landed Facebook in hot water on multiple occasions.
  8. Facebook Live – It is not a new feature, but judging from the success it has seen in 2016, we expect Facebook to continue to make improvements in 2017 – which is, of course, something any social media marketer must keep an eye out for.

2017 is set up to be a big year for Facebook, and it is important to keep an eye out for any changes because one thing is for sure – Facebook is a valuable marketing tool!