Teresa Renee is the CEO and founder of Designed to Connect.  Designed to Connect is an online marketing company that helps small business owners Bring their Brand to Life Online.

She began the business after graduating from Durham College in the Website Design and Creation Program.  The business quickly grew and she began leading a team of graphic designers, programmers, content writers and SEO specialists.  Although her training in website development focused on the coding skills, she understood even before beginning that a website was truly about marketing and while still in school she began researching search engine optimization and marketing in order to help businesses integrate this into their websites and their marketing materials.

Teresa began doing seminars soon after starting her company.  She had the ability to convey a lot of knowledge, covering various skill levels in a way that was understandable.  Her love of learning had her taking on the challenge of creating new courses for business centres and companies which helped her to grow, expand her knowledge and improve her marketing.   This thirst for ongoing knowledge ensures that Teresa always has something new and interesting to share with her audiences.  She realized that her passion was in helping small business learn the skills to market themselves and that through her seminars she could help so many more businesses owners market their businesses successfully.

Teresa is no stranger to being in front of an audience.  She grew up dancing, singing and acting.  She has appeared onstage at the Stratford Festival, Huron Country Playhouse.  She has played a variety of rolls in local theatre and on film.

“There has never before been a time where a small business could compete and sometimes exceed the success of big brands in the world of marketing.  The tools and learning are all at your fingertips, it comes down to whether you choose to take a hold of what is available to you.”

- Quote by Teresa Renee, Designed to Connect