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As a speaker, Teresa inspires audiences to bring their brand to life online.  Her knowledge of the digital landscape equips attendees with the tools on how to market and sell in the ever transforming world of online marketing.


Teresa’s passion lies in training small business owners to harness the power of online marketing.   Learn on your own time with one of her online training courses or webinars or join her live at one of her seminars.


Teresa works one on one with businesses to help set their marketing on the right path.  Marketing reviews, marketing plans, consulting and training are just a few of the areas that Teresa focuses on when working with businesses.

Teresa Renee is an excellent facilitator.  She assisted our group of business owners to better understand social media and how it could make a difference in their business.  They left with some great hands on tips of how to get started with or how to improve upon their social media and internet marketing campaigns. I would recommend her to any group or business trying to navigate the world of internet marketing.”

Tina Heathers, Wellington Waterloo Community Futures

We have experienced a steady increase in all areas of businesses thanks to the amazing job Teresa did for us. Teresa has demonstrated to us many times over, her willingness to do whatever it takes to keep her customers happy and to ensure that they are successful. In the three years we have worked together her versatility has been demonstrated by how she has managed our main website and the many micro sites associated with our B&B.  She has provided countless hours of training so we could become more computer literate and helped us maximize our marketing and is available for advice when we need it.  We thank her and appreciate her expertise. 

Teresa is knowledgeable, prompt and reliable.  Her workshop are always extremely useful and she is great to work with. I enjoy working one on one with Teresa learning more about marketing. She has plenty of useful ideas! I highly recommend Teresa & Designed to Connect.

Elena Pastura , Birmingham Manor

Teresa provides a huge amount of information in a format that is informative and straightforward to understand – for the technically un-savvy.  I am sure I will at least be able to maximize my Google listing and submit to directories.  Thank you for putting so much information into a short time.

Louise Champion, Spitalfields

I thought Teresa’s seminar was very relevant and informative.  Moved quickly but kept the information flowing and understandable.


Unlike many of the marketing trainers out there, whose marketing concepts involve more time and money than the average small business can afford to spend on their marketing, I understand the unique challenges small businesses face and centre my training around the tools, skills and advertising platorms that are most critical to empower small businesses and give them the leading edge in the market place.